Skilled IT developer and project manager with 8+ years of experience in web dev, e-commerce, Linux/Windows config, Docker, Kubernetes, automation, IoT, and data analysis. Successfully implemented tech solutions for various industries, including start-ups. Proficient in CAD/CAM, licensing, training, and documentation.

Jan Pajić, IT Developer and Programmer
Jan Pajić
an Enthusiastic IT Specialist
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    Prague & Zlin
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Nets & Security
Internet of things
C# & asp.NET core
  • Web & e-shop development
  • Linux Server configuration
  • Windows Server configuration
  • GIT knowledge
  • Docker & Kubernetes
  • Virtualizaton of HW
  • Website development
  • IoT & Data
  • Licensing
  • Training of end users
  • Creation of documentation

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Jan Pajić, IT Developer and Programmer
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About me

My name is Jan Pajić and I am a highly experienced project manager and IT developer with over 8 years of industry experience. Throughout my career, I have gained a diverse range of skills and expertise in various areas of technology, including web and e-commerce development, Linux and Windows server configuration, Docker, Kubernetes, Automation, IoT, and data analysis...

As a project manager, I have a track record of successfully managing the implementation of technology solutions for a wide range of industries, including start-ups. In addition to my project management skills, I am also proficient in technical areas such as CAD/CAM simulations, licensing, end user training, and documentation creation.

Overall, my diverse skill set and extensive experience make me a valuable asset to anyteam looking to implement and manage successful technology solutions. I am passionate about continuing to learn and grow in my career and am always seeking new challenges and opportunities to apply my skills and knowledge.

My Services

Web Development
User-friendly and smoothly functioning websites, corporate intranets, e-shops and auction portals with original graphics that can be used for corporate identity and printed materials too.
Moving to the cloud
Cloud services allow a business to remain flexible, agile, adaptable, and therefore competitive in the marketplace. I help customers migrate to the cloud, optimize operational costs, and train the stuff.
Server Instalation & Configuration
Installation of Servers at the point of use, configuration or migration to servers based on Linux and Windows OS, or hybrid Linux/Windows networks.
Nets & Security
Installation and configuration of active and passive network elements from design to full commissioning.
UI/UX Design
Designing websites, applications or systems based on user research and data. Modifications include interfaces, graphics, industrial design, physical interaction and manual.
Automation & DevOps
Increasing efficiency and speed of code delivery. Manage Cloud infrastructure with scripts. Managing DevOps pipelines and monitoring Resources.
Docker & Virtualization
Virtualizing workstations, servers and data storage will simplify management and maximize the use of existing hardware.
IoT & Data
Planning, building and creating FW of Sensors that can be remotely read via variouse type of private or public networks.
Documentation & Training
Creating documentation for processes and products. Training of service staff and administrators on-site or on-line.

My service packages

Website design and development
Web and web application services involve the development, deployment, and management of websites and web-based applications. These services can include tasks such as designing, building and maintaining web-based applications, integrating systems with other IT systems, and managing servers and other infrastructure.
duration from 5 MD
Cloud configuration and management
Cloud configuration and management services involve the setup, configuration, and ongoing management of cloud computing resources. This can include tasks such as provisioning and configuring cloud infrastructure, setting up and configuring cloud-based applications, monitoring resource utilization and performance, and managing security and compliance.
duration from 10 MD
Virtual environment management
Virtualization is the use of software to create a virtual version of something, such as a virtual machine, network, or storage device. Virtualization services involve the design, implementation, and management of virtualized environments. These services can include tasks such as setting up and configuring virtualization software, creating and managing virtual machines, and optimizing the performance and resource utilization of virtualized environments
duration from 20 MD
Internet of Things and data
Internet of Things (IoT) and data services involve the design, implementation, and management of systems that collect, transmit, and analyze data from connected devices and sensors. These services can include tasks such as setting up and configuring IoT infrastructure, developing and deploying IoT applications, managing and maintaining IoT devices, and analyzing and reporting on IoT data.
duration from 10 MD
License management
Software licensing services involve the acquisition, management, and renewal of software licenses for organizations. These services can include tasks such as identifying the software licenses needed by an organization, negotiating licensing agreements with software vendors, managing and tracking the use of software licenses, and ensuring compliance with licensing terms and conditions.
duration from 2 MD
Documentation and training
Documentation and training services involve the creation and delivery of documentation and training materials related to IT systems, processes, and tools. These services can include tasks such as developing user manuals and online help resources, creating training materials and delivering training sessions, and providing ongoing support and guidance to users.
duration from 15 MD


Recommendation for Jan Pajic, IT
Joanna Pepel
Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN S.A.
Working with mr. Pajic has been a pleasure. Better yet - I alerted them of a minor issue before going to sleep. The issue was fixed the next morning. I couldn't ask for better support. Thank you! This is easily a 5 star freelancer.
Recommendation for Jan Pajic, IT
Thomas Kubena
Bata Italia Compar S.p.a.
You can see in Honza that he is committed and has great personal motivation. He handed in his assignments on time, worked seamlessly with an established team of managers and transitioned between different tasks. He knows how to work with numbers and data. He quickly grasps complex relationships and processes. I look forward to working with him again..
Recommendation for Jan Pajic, IT
Tadeas Havelek
Freelancer, online e-shop
I am so happy with the work that Jan Pajić did for me. The website I needed was easy to use and had a fast loading time. He is very responsive and professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of web development services..
Recommendation for Jan Pajic, IT
Jakub Petrovaj
McDonald's Czech Republic
Jan has always been a very helpful person in the office, and I've never had any problems with him. The servers have always been running smoothly too, so there's really nothing to complain about here.
Recommendation for Jan Pajic, IT
Kai Fryder
Amazon Europe Core
Jan is an excellent IT guy. I've had the chance to work with him on a number of occasions and he has never let me down. His experience, technical knowledge, and dedication to his craft are a great asset for any company that needs help in this field. He is always prompt in answering questions or requests and will go over and beyond what's needed to get the job done. I would recommend Jan for any IT related jobs


Work History

Business Developer
09/2016 - 06/2019

I mainly focused on project management of startups and spin-offs. I was marginally engaged in marketing services for politicians.

Project Manager
Fox Hunter
03/2015 - 08/2016

In this position, I had the opportunity to participate in the implementation of marketing campaigns for leading European brands. We created roadshows, events, graphics, video and PPC ads.

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